Updated Biography of Diandra Luker: The First wife of Hollywood Actor Michael Douglas

Diandra Luker bio

Hollywood is no stranger to broken homes and broken couples. For a long time, many celebrities have faced different problems regarding their home life and have not been able to stay committed to their significant other. The same was the case for Hollywood Legend Michael Douglas. Before his now-wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, there was Diandra Luker. Let’s take a look into the life of Michael Douglas’s first wife Diandra Luker.

Early Background: How old is Diandra now? 

Diandra M. Luker was born on November 30, 1957, to a Swiss-American diplomat father and an Anglo-french mother. She is said to have been raised on the small island of Majorca, Spain. For the start of Diandra’s middle school, her family then decided to send her to a boarding school in Switzerland so that she could focus more on her studies. However, she moved to the USA to complete her remaining school studies.

She is said to have attended Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service which is a school for international relations located at Georgetown University, Washington D.C. After her marriage with Michael Douglas, the couple moved to Los Angeles, where she also enrolled at the University of California. However, there is no information regarding her major or if she graduated from college or not.

Career Progress

Since she was in her late teens when she met and married actor Michael Douglas, most of her career started with being linked to the actor himself. After spending some time in Santa Barbara, the couple moved to New York City. Diandra started taking part in different charities and fundraisers and was an active member of the Red Cross. Working in charity led her to new opportunities when she was hired to write the documentaries about the Office of Film and Television of the Metropolitan Museum of Art by its board of directors.

Working for the museum became a gateway to build many big connections for Diandra. She started modeling for Eileen Ford and graced the society pages where she would be dressed by big fashion designers such as Donna Karen, Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, and Carolina Harera. 

Apart from her charity works, Diandra has also worked as producers for different documentary series and movies. According to her IMDB page, in 1991, she produced one episode of the Emmy winning documentary series ‘American Masters’. The episode titled ‘Frederic Remington: The Truth of Other Days’ focused on the famed painter and sculptor of Western Americana.

Diandra also produced one of the episodes of the TV Mini-series documentary ‘America’s Music: The Roots of the Country’ in 1996. The episode is titled ‘The Birth of a Sound/Singing Cowboys and Western Swing’. In 1997, she produced the documentary ‘Off The Menu: Last Days of Chasen’s’. Diandra is also credited as an executive producer for the 2008 drama movie ‘Broken Lines’ starring Paul Bettany. 

Diandra Luker’s Wedding with Michael Douglas: Match Made in Heaven 

Diandra Luker first met Michael Douglas in the inauguration of the then American president Jimmy Carter. After their first meet, the couple started going out with each other. Apparently, Michael Douglas proposed to Diandra just after their 9th date, when the period of time they had been with each other was only two weeks. After the quick proposal, the couple got married in March 1977. At the time of their marriage, Diandra Luker was only 19 years old and Michael Douglas was 32 years old. After tying the knot, the couple moved to Los Angeles and then later on to New York City.

Diandra Luker Wedding

After a year into their marriage, in 1978 the couple welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby boy, Cameron Douglas. The couple had a beautiful relationship and with the birth of their child, both of them drove headfirst into raising their son.

As per reports, the first 10 years of the couple’s married life was very happy. As time went by, the couple started to have problems in their marriage. From the start, Diandra had a very hard time adjusting to the limelight that came with being the wife of Michael Douglas. She reportedly felt lost in that world. Another thing that affected their marriage was Michael’s soaring film career.

Over the years, Michael himself has admitted that for him, his career came before his marriage. There were also rumors about infidelity from the side of Michael. The couple even sorted into the couple’s therapy to help their breaking relationship. But it was to no avail.

Divorcing Her Husband Michael Douglas

Diandra Luker with husband

After facing problems in their marriage, Diandra Luker and Michael Douglas got separated in 1995. Their divorce was finalized in 2000. Years after their divorce Michael opened up about how their marriage would have been over eight or ten years earlier had they not gone through the couple counseling. According to him, both he and his ex-wife Diandra regretted going to the counseling as there was no way to save their already broken relationship. 

As part of the divorce settlements, Diandra Luker received $45 million dollars along with other properties. At the time of their settlements, Michael Douglas appeared to be more unsatisfied with the marriage that he wished to let off of more things just so he could get out of the marriage. 

Where is Diandra Luker Now: Life after Divorce

Even after the divorce, life went on for both Diandra and Michael. Diandra started dating Zach Hampton Bacon III after her separation. Shortly after things started to get serious between them, the couple welcomed two beautiful twin sons Hudson and Hawk through surrogacy in 2004. Soon after the birth of their children, the couple grew apart but both decided on sharing the custody of both of their children. 

Diandra Luker Children

In 2005, she quickly got married and then divorced entrepreneur and environmental activist Michael Klein. The same year, she also adopted a daughter, Imara who was born in Kazakhstan. In 2011, it was reported that she was in a relationship with Paulo Oliviera but their latest relationship status is unknown. Her ex-husband Michael on the other hand also started a new family with actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and the couple is still going strong even after 20 years of their marriage.

Their Son Cameron and His Addiction Struggle 

Divorces not only separates a couple but it takes a toll on those connected with the couple too. Apart from the separating couple, the most fatal effect that divorce has is on the children. The problems in the marriage of Diandra and Michael had affected their son Cameron since he was seven years old when his mother told him that his father was cheating on her.  

At the age of 13, Cameron had started finding comfort in smoking marijuana. For him, the pressure from belonging to a famous Hollywood family was too much that slowly he started getting more addicted to substance use. At 15, he was doing cocaine, at 17 it was meth then it was liquid cocaine and at 26 he was addicted to heroin. His addiction was so bad that both of his parents tried their best to help him as much as they could.

Cameron was first arrested in 1999 for cocaine possession and then again in 2005 for heroin and crack. In 2007, he was again found with a syringe full of liquid cocaine in his car. He was also dealing with crystal meth and had heroin in possession. This time he was sentenced to 7 years of prison.

The case of Cameron became a target for the media to blame both Diandra and Michael left and right for being the reason for his uncontrollable addiction. Despite the blame game, one thing is for sure, his parents were doing their best to get their son on the right track and help him to overcome his addiction.

Diandra Luker family

As of now, it seems that Cameron is doing well. He has written a memoir ‘Long Way Home’ regarding his life and his addiction struggles. He is in a relationship with yoga instructor Viviane Thibes and also has a daughter, Lua with her.

Diandra Luker's son Cameron

Personal Life: Diandra’s Net Worth & Wall Street Controversy

Apart from her relationships, she had also tried to expand her investment options. But she took one bad financial decision after another. Her former business partner Kenneth Starr was found guilty of fraud. Her investments were also exposed to Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. She even had to put her Santa Barbara enclave for sale. Also, it was reported that she owed the IRS more than $1.1 million dollars from unpaid tax from 2007 to 2009. Life surely has not been easy for her.

With her unsuccessful business attempts, Diandra Luker seemed to be desperate for money when she made a claim for half of the earnings of Michael Douglas’ 2010 movie ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ which was a sequel to 1987 ‘Wall Street’. The Judge reportedly dismissed the case. However, according to Diandra, she herself withdrew the case when she found out that her ex-husband had been diagnosed with cancer.

Diandra Luker describes herself as a Buddhist. She is known to have decorated her home with multiple statues of Lord Buddha and her interior is very much influenced by Asian curiosities, oil paintings, etc,. Diandra also seems to be active on Instagram with 1337 followers. Her estimated net worth is still unknown but her alimony money still counts for a much larger portion of it.