Little Known Facts About Tom Cruise’s Children No One Talks About

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Tom Cruise is a real deal in Hollywood. He has been in the industry for decades and is giving hits at the box office. Though Tom is one of the most recognizable stars, there’s little information about his family especially his children. Tom is a doting father to three kids- Isabella Jane, Connor, and Suri. Isabella (born in 1992) and Connor (born in 1995) is his adopted kids with Nicole Kidman. Suri is his biological daughter with Katie Holmes born in 2006.

Tom Cruise is a star who needs no introduction, but when it comes to his three kids, there are many weird and wonderful things about them which aren’t people aware of.  Here we have collected some interesting and never known facts about his kids no one talks about.

Isabella and Connor Do not Call Nicole Kidman as ‘Mom’

Tom Cruise married Australian beauty Nicole Kidman after his divorce from first wife Mimi Rogers. They hooked into each other on the sets of racing drama Days of Thunder in 1989. The moment when Nicole saw Tom, she instantly fell in love with him and after sharing a romantic courtship for a few years, they tied the knot.

After years of marriage, Kidman desired to expand their family of two. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. She suffered from a devastating miscarriage which was very traumatic. After the tragic incident, Tom and Nicole adopted Isabella. Further, after two years, Isabella got a little brother when the couple adopted Connor.

Isabella and Connor Tom Cruise adopted kids

The family of Kidman and Cruise created a broke in 20o1 when they called off their marriage. After their separation, Isabelle and Connor chose their father Tom over Nicole. Over the years that followed after they end their marriage, the Aussie actress had a rough patch with her adopted two kids. In 2007, the actress revealed:

‘My kids don’t call me ‘mommy’. They don’t even call me mom. They call me Nicole which I don’t like and tell them off for it.

Isabella and Connor practice Scientologist but Suri Don’t

Tom Cruise’s adopted kids with Nicole have adopted their father’s belief but Tom’s youngest child Suri does not follow Scientologist. It may be because Tom’s ex-wife Katie Holmes no longer shares his faith and is raising Suri with own beliefs.

On the other hand, Isabella and Connor are raised in the organization by Tom and have followed Tom’s footsteps. Even though Isabella lives in London with her partner, she is still a member of the organization. Likewise, Connor’s residence in Clearwater near Scientology Headquarter clearly shows how much he aligns with his father’s beliefs. They aren’t just the members of the church but are the promoters.

All of his three kids were Homeschooled

One of the similarities shared by Cruise’s three kids is that at some point in their life they were homeschooled. Isabella and Connor were homeschooled by Tom’s sister inside the organization. In any case, children of the organization which Tom is associated with prefers homeschooling, but the thing has changed now. Currently, those children who are growing up in Scientologist faith are also taking formal education.

Likewise, Suri was also homeschooled as a young child, but now she attends a private school located in New York. Suri is being raised by her mother Katie.

Suri was Born in Silence

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Tom Cruise is devoted to the Church of Scientology and follows the traditions associated with the organization. As per Screen Rant, one of the traditions that have to be followed by the followers is that their babies should be born in total silence. Following this, Katie who once shared Tom’s beliefs also gave birth to Suri in silence. This practice has a logical meaning behind it which says that keeping the birth of a child as quiet as possible helps to come to the child in the physical world smoothly from the womb of the mother and minimizes the baby’s level of pain.

Connor is Dating Rising Star of the Church

The son of Tom Cruise is said to be in romantic courtship with Silvia Zanich- the rising star of the church. The Italian beauty Silvia works at the organization’s Belleair mission which serves as the Scientology’s power base. Silvis roots from a Scientology family and is said to be a prolific recruiter. As per Church literature, she has finished her preparations to study secretive Operating Thetan levels.

Reportedly, he has banned Nicole from attending his wedding.

Isabella’s parents didn’t attend her Big Day

Isabella who also goes by the name Bella is married to British IT consultant Max Parker in September 2015. The wedding ceremony was held at the Dorchester Hotel, London following the traditions of the church. The ceremony was a low key such that her immediate family members including Tom and Nicole were also not invited.

isabella wedding

As per some online sources Kidman was at London for a West End Play at the time of Isabella’s wedding. But, she didn’t attend the wedding because Isabella didn’t want the presence of her on her special day.  However, Tom paid all the bills for the wedding and he was totally cool with her decision.

Suri Hasn’t seen her dad For Years

Suri is living with her mom in New York and Los Angeles and her mom has the sole custody over her after Tom and Katie’s divorce in 2012. Suri’s relationship with her dad Tom has gained a lot of attention after the split up. Many online sources claim that Tom is allowed to see Suri for 10 days a month.

Tom cruise with daughter suri

However, Tom hasn’t seen Suri for many years. When Katie Holmes left Tom, she even left the Church of Scientology and it’s valued. The rules of the religion are that once you leave the church, you get to cut out completely. Tom who eats, breathes and sleeps Scientology may also have ignored Suri following the rule as Suri is directly connected with Katie. However, he has denied the rumors that he has abandoned his little princess.

Suri is living a normal life with her mom enjoying her childhood. Katie Holmes doesn’t want her childhood to be bombarded by fame and instead focuses on a normal upbringing. In an interview, the actress explained:

‘I try to make our world very much an environment that’s just all about being a kid without too much of Hollywood coming into that. And I just enjoy it. Honestly, I think that there are so many books and opinions about how to be a great mom, and you have good days and bad days, and sometimes you do great and sometimes you could have done better.”

Isabella Used to Work For Katie Holmes

Isabella is closed to Tom Cruise’s third wife Katie Holmes. Isabella and Connor became so close to Katie that they started calling her their mom. While Katie was in a marital relationship with Tom, Isabella worked for Katie’s clothing line ‘Holmes and Yang.’ Bella has left the fashion line and is now working as a hairstylist in a famous salon in London.

Connor Back Cornered DJ Career to Become a Fisherman

connor cruise djing

Connor Cruise began working as a DJ at the age of 16. His career brought him from Los Angeles to Australia. In 2011, he played the spin at the Nickelodeon TeenNick Halo Awards in Hollywood, CA. He celebrated his 21st birthday Djing at a club in San Franscisco, California. Connor has also released a track on Spinning Records, his first release on an established level. He even had a DJ alias and D.J.C Squared for a while. But, he has left his interest to pursue a new passion: fishing.

Connor, now living in Clearwater, spend his days fishing and has changed his passion into profession. He and his fishing team came third in the Rotary Club of Clearwater’s KingfishTournament.