Victoria DiGiorgio: Here’s What We Know about the Widow of American Gangster John J.Gotti

Victori DiGiorgio wife of John gotti

One of the five families that dominated the organized crime activities in New York who became known as the American Mafia is ‘The Gambino Crime Family’. The gang that started in 1910, gained public attention during the McClellan Hearings in 1963 whose proceedings revealed Carlo Gambino as their current boss. Upon his death, Gambino appointed his brother-in-law Paul Castellano as the boss. In December 1985, Paul Castellano was murdered by John Joseph Gotti who then took over the family.

John J Gotti became the boss of America’s most powerful crime syndicate and did multiple businesses including racketeering, hijacking, loan sharking, drug trafficking, prostitution, extortion, pornography, illegal gambling, and many other criminal activities. While Gotti lived a very flamboyant life as a crime boss, his family would also be dragged in his show. Gotti married Victoria DiGiorgio and shared five children with her. Here are some facts about the wife of one of America’s notorious gangsters.


  1. Is Victoria DiGiorgio still alive?

    Yes, Victoria DiGiorgio is still alive. She is now 77 years old.

  2. What is her race?

    While she is American by birth, she shares Italian lineage from her father. Her mother was half italian and half russian. 

  3. How many children did she have with John Gotti? 

    She had 5 children, two daughters and three sons, with John Gotti.

  4. What is her Net worth?

    Victoria DiGiorgio’s net worth is estimated to be about $2 million dollars.

Victoria Comes from a Broken Family

Victoria DiGiorgio was born on December 5, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Victoria DiGiorgio’s parents, in search of a better life, settled in New York where both of them worked in factories to bring food to the table for their family. Not long after her birth, the relationship between her parents started to face some difficulties.

According to some reports, Victoria DiGiorgio’s parents divorced when she was two years old. Her mother took her custody and she grew up in mostly Brooklyn and Queens with her single mother. Beyond this, there is hardly any information regarding her early beginnings before meeting her future husband.

Falling In Love With John J. Gotti

In 1958, Victoria DiGiorgio met John Gotti for the first time at a bar in New York. At the time of their first meeting, Gotti was already involved with street gangs and carried out petty crimes. Victoria soon found herself falling for John Gotti despite knowing his way of working. They continued to date each other for a couple of years before officially tying the knot.

Becoming Mrs. John J. Gotti

Victoria DiGiorgio married John J. Gotti on March 6, 1962. The couple moved to a tri-level house in Queens. While her husband started getting more and more involved with the organized crime scene, she would remain at home staying loyal to her husband and taking care of their children. 

John J Gotti's marraige with Victoria DiGiorgio

According to multiple sources, the couple was very much in love with one another. In one of her 1999 interviews that circled around her personal life with her husband, she revealed that the couple would often go to racetracks to watch races. He would always give her fifty dollars to bet on the race but she would only bet on twenty dollars and save the rest for household expenses. Despite owning a lot of money, this frugal habit of hers stuck with her for a long period of time and it always made her husband laugh. 

Like many couples, Victoria did have multiple problems in her marriage. One of the most persisting issues in their relationship was Gotti’s work. She was known to have fights with her husband regarding his involvement with the organized crime world. During their marriage, her husband went on to become one of the most notorious gang bosses of America as the head of the Gambino Family which certainly did not shade any good light on his own family.

While Victoria DiGiorgio never liked her husband’s way of living, she still loved him enough to stay with him until his death in 2002. 

She Shares Five Children With John J. Gotti

Victoria's children Angel, John A Gotti, Frank, Peter and Victoria Gotti

During her relationship with crime boss John J. Gotti, Victoria DiGiorgio had five children with him. Their first child, Angel Gotti was born in 1961. She was born before DiGiorgio and Gotti were legally married to each other. The couple welcomed their second baby girl, Victoria Gotti on November 27, 1962. On February 14, 1964, the couple was blessed with their first son, John A. Gotti. After a couple of years, DiGiorgio became pregnant again and gave birth to a son, Frank Gotti on October 18, 1967. The four siblings then welcomed their youngest brother, Peter J. Gotti in 1974. 

Losing her Son Was her Biggest Grief

On March 18, 1980, Victoria DiGiorgio’s 12 year old son Frank Gotti was run over while on a family friend’s minibike by their neighbor John Favara. He was rushed to the hospital but could not survive the tragic accident.

John J Gotti's late son Frank Gotti

After losing her son at such a young age so suddenly, Victoria went to an extreme period of grief. When the man who caused the death of her son came to her house to apologize for the loss, she allegedly attacked him with a baseball bat. Grief and anger does many things to people. Her son’s death broke her from the inside and there were even claims that she became suicidal.

Reports started coming out that Favara received multiple death threats. On July 28, 1980, John Favara was abducted and disappeared. He is presumed to be dead. While at the time of his sudden disappearance, the Gotti family was having a vacation in Florida to cheer themselves up following the tragic loss of the family member. John Gotti was presumed to have given the orders regarding the killings. Till this date, the children have denied the involvement of their father or anyone in the family in the murder of John Favara.  

Her Life after her Husband’s Arrest and eventual Death

Victoria DiGiorgio’s husband John J. Gotti was arrested on December 11, 1990, and was found guilty on all charges on April 2, 1992. He was incarcerated at the United States Penitentiary at Marion, Illinois. In 1998, he was diagnosed with throat cancer and underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Despite the successful surgery, cancer returned after two years. On June 10, 2002, John J. Gotti died at the age of 61.

Following the arrest and death of her husband, the whole family came under large scrutiny of the general public. The whole family is said to have been cleared of all the things John Gotti did during his lifetime. Despite not being directly involved with the crimes he did, they still face the prejudice associated with them and it’s highly unlikely that it will go away soon. But the family has stayed strong and has tried to live a normal life. 

What happened to the rest of the children?

John A. ‘Junior’ Gotti

Victoria DiGiorgio's eldest son John A Junior Gotti

Victoria DiGiorgio and John J. Gotti’s eldest son, John A. ‘Junior’ Gotti initially followed his father’s footsteps and even became the acting boss for the crime family during the time of his father’s imprisonment. He himself was imprisoned for racketeering in 1999 and was sentenced to six years and five months imprisonment. After his release from the prison in 2004, he faced four separate charges for racketeering but was never found guilty. In 2010, he made the decision to leave the life of crime. After that, he released a book called ‘Shadow of My Father’.   

John A. Gotti also served as an advisor for the 2018 biopic ‘Gotti’ starring John Trovolta. In 2018, he was a part of a six part film project ‘Witsec Mafia’. Lately, he is said to be working on another book. He married Kimberly Albanese in 1990 and lives in Long Island with his wife and six children. His son John Gotti III is a professional MMA wrestler. John A. Gotti also has an Instagram follower of 51.3k. 

Angel Gotti

DiGiorgia’s eldest daughter Angel has a much low profile life. She runs the official Shadow of My Father Facebook page and constantly posts photos of her family. She has a son and a daughter. She is also a grandma to two beautiful kids, Frankie & Nico. Angel Gotti is also active on Instagram and has 18.2k followers.

Victoria Gotti

DiGiorgio and John's eldest daughter Victoria Gotti

Following the fall of her father John J. Gotti, the most visible member of the family is probably their second daughter Victoria Gotti. She was married to New York Mobster Carmine ‘The Bull’ Agnello from 1984 to 2003. She is a reality TV star and was the star of ‘Growing up Gotti’ alongside her three sons Carmine, John, and Frank. She has made a guest appearance in ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ and ‘Mob Wives’.

In 2019, she co-wrote, produced, and narrated a documentary film ‘Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter’. She has also written a book ‘The Family of mine: What it was like growing up Gotti’ which was the New York Times bestseller. She has published other books like ‘I’ll be watching you’, ‘superstar’ and a cookbook ‘Hot Italian Dish’. She is also active on Instagram and has 76.1k followers.

Peter J. Gotti

Victoria’s youngest son, Peter J. Gotti has subsequently stayed away from the limelight. His son John J. Gotti on the other hand was charged with conspiracy and two counts of possession and sale of narcotics and sentenced to prison for 8 years in March 2017. Talking about his son, Peter said:

“He was a beacon of light and hope through our constant storms. …Please consider the love and undying support he has from his family as we try to rise from the ashes.”