Micheline Roquebrune: Meet The Wife of Legendary Actor Sean Connery 

Micheline Roquebrune is the second wife of James Bond fame actor Sean Connery. Before some people begin to belittle the achievements of Roquebrune, it is important to note that she is also a pro in her respective field. She herself is a renowned painter. She is notable for many artworks which have been displayed in different parts of the world. Besides, her creations have broken sales records contributing a huge amount to her net worth. The celebrity wife has many other interesting facts which all of us may not know. So, debugging minute details on the second wife of Sean Connery- Micheline Roquebrune.

Early Background 

Micheline Roquebrune was born in 1929  who grew up in countries like Tunisia and Morocco. There’s not much information about her schooling, parents, family members and early life. However, it is known that she used to play golf in her early years and had participated in many tournaments during the teenage days. 

Her Love For Painting and Art

Roquebrune shifted her interest from sports to the art world. She discovered her love for painting at the age of 23 when she visited a Parisian art gallery, Lagerie Charpentier. Micheline became fascinated by the paintings hanged on the walls of the gallery. That’s when she decided to try her hands in painting. During the starting phase, her works on paints were terrible. Therefore, to hone her skills she decided to take some formal classes. Since then she has never looked back and now is an accomplished painter and artist. 

She mostly prefers painting oil portraits of models rather than photographs. Micheline has developed her own vibrant, realist style inspired by Le Bonheur De Vivre. In the world of fine arts, she is popular for her distinctive methods of using techniques different from the mainstream techniques used in art. 

Micheline Roquebrune painter

She is one of those artists who paint for the love for art than for publicity. Micheline Roquebrune was initially hesitant about exposing her brilliant artistic works. However, she has started showcasing her masterpieces all over the world. Her works are exhibited at ‘The National Museum of Women in the Arts’ in Washington, Chicago, Rome, Athens, France, and on many other places as well. 

Despite being a renowned artist Micheline drew the international attention only after she hooked up with Sean Connery, the ultimate macho man of Hollywood.

How did Sean Connery and Micheline meet? 

Every Love story has a unique beginning. So does the love story of  Micheline and Sean. When they first met, Connery was still married to Diane Cilento. Likewise, Micheline had two failed marriages at the time she met Sean. 

Micheline with husband Sean

The duo first met at the golf tournament held at the Mohammedia gold club in Morrocco in 1970. When they caught the eyes of each other, they felt an instant connection. Micheline revealed her thought when she saw Connery and commented: 

‘I saw this man from the back, and of course, he had a fine physique. But the first day I didn’t know who he was or anything about him. Then I dreamed I saw this man. I was in his arms. And I thought ‘At last, peace.’. The next day I went back to the tournament ad that was that.!’

Their chemistry was so undeniable that they ended up sharing a bed within 24 hours of meeting. They spent four days making love and playing golf together in Morrocco. After that, they returned to their respective lives until Sean messaged her after two years.

After the first meeting, the duo only reconnected after two years. Their second meeting took place at   Marbella, Spain. At first, Micheline resisted at his effrontery and thought:

‘Who does he think he is? But once there he locks his eyes on mine and says, ‘I’ve missed you…I can’t stop thinking about you and I can’t forget you.”

Micheline and Sean thereafter started dating and the rest is all history. 

Married Life with Sean Connery

The duo dated for three years before exchanging the vows. In the early days, the couple witnessed a long-distance relationship as Micheline was living in North Africa and Sean in the USA. So, as time passed by their relationship got stronger and they survived the test of time. In May 1975, Sean and Micheline walked down the aisle in an intimate ceremony. And in the 1990s the couple shifted to New Bahamas. 

Sean Connery with Micheline

They have been married for nearly four decades now and still are together. The couple does not have children together. Micheline has three children-Oliver, Micha and Stephane from her previous marriages. Likewise, she is also a stepmother to Sean’s son Jason. Jason is the byproduct of Sean with his first wife Diane Cilento.  

Career After Meeting Sean 

Besides being a golf player and a painter, Roquebrune is also a producer and an actress. After she hooked up with the movie legend, she produced a broadway play ‘Art’ written by Yasmina Reza. The play bagged the Tony Award for Best Play in 1998. Likewise, she was part of the miscellaneous crew of the movie “Never Say Never” in 1983. Further, Micheline has made many guest appearances Sean in documentary movies like Sean Connery: A BAFTA Tribute, Sean Connery Close Up, Sean Connery, An Intimate Portrait. Moreover, she was also featured in an episode of the TV show ‘20h10 Petantes” in 2005. 

Allegations for Spanish Tax Fraud

Micheline Roquebrune was accused of fraud allegations over the sale of Casa Malibu on the Costa del Sol resort. The property was owned by Micheline and Sean for more than 20 years. Sean was also investigated against the fraud charges but was declared innocent. 

Nevertheless, the case was further investigated by the judge for alleged irregularities in the sale and the involvement of Roquebrene in the deal. Reportedly, she was part of the complex plot to defraud the Spanish authorities. She was accused of defrauding the Spanish treasury of an estimated amount of 5.5 million pounds in 2006 via a Spanish company ‘By the Sea.’

After the house was sold in 1999, the house was demolished and more than 70 new flats were built. Those flats were sealed in a deal amounting to whopping 45 million pounds. However, only five flats were given permission to be built in that area. As per allegation, the wife of Sean was in communication with the lawyers and business dealers involved in the fraud. If she was proven guilty, she would have to spend two and a half years in prison with an additional fine of more than 16 million pounds. 

Later in 2016, three lawyers of Roquebrune have sentenced for tax fraud in relation to the case but she somehow escaped from the case.