Who is Kaynette Williams: Ex Wife of Blake Shelton That He Deemed As “The One”

kaynette gern williams

Blake Shelton, also deemed by his fans as the crowd-pleaser, had his share of pleasure in the ladies’ department. The 8 time Grammy award nominee was married twice and is currently dating one of the judges of “The Voice” in Gwen Stefani. While his country fanboys might be lingering around his second divorce, hardly anyone talks about his first wife, “Kaynette Williams.”

Kaynette Williams, or Kaynette Gern, or as of now Kaynette Scheck is the ex-wife of Blake Shelton. She was a road manager, a school teacher, but more importantly the longtime sweetheart of Blake Shelton that held him strong during thick and thin. Currently, She is married to radeo world record holder, Codey Joe Scheck. And, working as a math facilitator at South Barber elementary school.

Early Life & Education

Kaynette was born on February 20, 1973, in Ada, Oklahoma. That’s where she was raised and met the country star, Blake Shelton. Blake and Kaynette were high school sweetheart, so we presume she did her high school graduation from Ada High School. She recently got a master’s degree in science from Fort Hays State University.


Katt’s father was a US Korean war veteran. He also reportedly worked at a local station as a news presenter. But there is no official confirmation of that. Her mother, Kay Kast Gern, on the other hand, worked at Stonewall Public Schools. Perhaps that’s what piqued her interest in teaching. From her Facebook, we can certainly tell that she has siblings or cousins but we don’t know for sure if they are blood-related. 

Kaynette and Blake Relationship: High School Romance Turns into Marriage

Blake and Williams locked love horns when they were just 15. Talking to Country Weekly, Kaynette said:

” He was 15 when I met him, and I was just out of high school. Even before I started dating him, I always thought he was just the funniest person.”

Kaynette wedding

After dating for 12 years straight, Blake decided to tie the knot in 2003. In a 2003 CMT interview, he said:

“I asked her to marry me and she said yes and it was early one morning back in December, and we ended up spending the day with some friends and kind of having a party all day and had a good time. I got in from hunting that morning and asked her to marry me, and we went back out hunting,” 

He also went on to say that he used Kaynette’s actual voice as his new voicemail. He sure was head over heels for his high school sweetheart. 


On November 17, 2003, the couple got married at a small ceremony in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The wedding only had the groom, bride, priest, and photographer. In the image, you can clearly see Blake in his old fashion Wranglers, boots, and his trademark cowboy hat, whereas Kaynette is wearing a beautiful Demetrios wedding gown. To heat up the ambiance, Blake sang Conway Twitty’s “Julia” to his wife. 

Talking about his marriage, Blake told in an interview how he decided to get married. He told: 

“I Knew Kaynette was the one. Just because I can’t explain it I can’t say it’s because we get along or because of the way she looks. It’s just something I feel, you know what I mean? It’s nothing more than just knowing you’re right.”

Kaynette and Blake’s Divorce: Where did it all go wrong

Kaynette is the girl Blake dated for a decade. It certainly looked like “She was the one.” Kaynette was the girl who was with him during thick and thin. She put her career on the line and worked as a road manager for Blake. When no-one was there for him, she was there. So what exactly happened? How did things start going downhill? 

Well, we have a theory.

And, it’s called Miranda Lambert.


The two future partners met during a CMT 100 Greatest Duets Concert, and it was an instant connection. The fans could see the spark in their eyes when they were performing together. Even so, Blake has openly acknowledged the fact that he felt magic between the two. 

Talking to VH1 in 2011, he said:

“Standing up there and singing with somebody and going, Man, this shouldn’t be happening. I’ve never had that kind of experience with anybody. I was a married guy, you know? Looking back on that, I was falling in love with her, right there on stage.”

Although both Lambert and Shelton were in denial of Blake’s infidelity, we could certainly see where the smoke came from. 

Also, the divorce papers listed inappropriate marital misconduct as the reason behind the failed marriage. So, your guess is as best as ours about what happened behind the closed doors. 


Even one of Kat’s friends took a jab at Blake. When talking to the National Enquirer, she said:

“Kaynette was not only a loyal wife, she stood by Blake through the roughest of times while he was struggling. But Blake turned his back on her for Miranda. Without Kaynette to keep his career on track, it’s unlikely he would have ever reached his level of stardom.”

Talking about his divorce with 60 Minutes, Shelton said it was the toughest decision he had to make. The country artist said:

“I put my divorce up there with my brother’s death and that was a tough, tough, call to make,” 

Aftermath of the Divorce: Controversies Related to the Wedding Dress

It’s fair to say that the ex-lovers have now moved on with their lives. Blake went on to marry Miranda and later ended up divorcing her as well. He is now tuning with his fellow “Voice” judge Gwen Stefani. But things didn’t start on the right foot on get-go for Kaynette. 

Well, in a 2011 interview with “The Enquirer,” Gern did open up about a certain incident that was a little too uncomfortable for her. After her divorce, she returned to Oklahoma just to find that Blake had moved with Miranda to a neighboring town. And, she felt Oklahoma wasn’t big enough for them.


In 2014, she fell into controversy, when her wedding dress was listed on eBay for sale. The dress was listed for $700 which unfortunately nobody picked up. The post credibility was backed by several pictures of the gown along with photographs of Katt and Blake at the altar. 

Where is Kaynette Now?


Today, Kaynette seems to enjoy her life to the fullest. She is married to Cody Joe Scheck, a world record holder for steer roping. She lives with him in Kiowa, Kansas. Amid all the controversies and the brutal divorce, she has picked up on her career. 

From her social media handle, we can see that she is currently working at South Barber elementary school. She is the assistant principal of the Pre K-6 department of South Barber. She also runs a 4rth grade Facebook group along with Mrs. Brattin and Mrs. Swonger where Kaynette teaches Math and English. 


Before going to South Barber, she worked as a math facilitator at Riley School. In the staff newsletter of Riley in April 2014, there was a picture of Kaynette along with Julie Buzard discussing with each other. 

Katt seems to enjoy her life under the arms of her new man. She doesn’t have any kids till this date but she does find comfort from her hundreds of students. 

Blake’s Love Interests After Divorce

Let’s be honest, No matter what Shelton’s fanboys say, he doesn’t seem to be the guy who can stick around with one woman.

Well, you can say he hasn’t met the love of his life. But the reality is he doesn’t have the mental strength to keep it together for a long term relationship. 

After his fiery divorce with Kaynette, he quickly latched on to Miranda Lambert. After dating her for a few years he married her in 2011. But their relationship too fizzled out and they moved on from each other in 2015. 


There were huge speculations and controversies following their divorce. In 2018, Jeff Allen who dated Miranda for 3 years blatantly accused Blake of cheating with his ex-wife Kaynette with Miranda. 

It all started with a tweet from Blake about “Karma” following the news regarding Miranda dating Evan.

In response to that, Jeff tweeted:

“You know, I’ve always given you the benefit of the doubt and chalked it up to just being human, but you must be one arrogant SOB to pop off something like this when I know d*** good and well you were cheating on your wife and Miranda was cheating on me when you two started up.”

Quickly after the tweet, things started escalating, and Allen deleted the tweet. There was certainly some bad blood between the two. 

After just a few months of his divorce, Blake started dating his fellow judge Gwen Stefani. Gwen herself was fighting her personal battle of divorce and quickly fell into the lap of the Country singer. And, they are going pretty strong! On the other hand, Miranda got married to Brendan McLoughlin.

We hope Blake and Kaynette both find true love under the eyes of their current partners.