Biography of Jillian Grace: Ex-partner of Actor David Spade

Jillian Grace

Jillian Grace got the spotlight above her when she was first discovered by Howard Stern- the legendary radio broadcaster. After that, she got worldwide fame as a playboy playmate. Grace got more prominent fame when she romantically linked with actor and comedian David Spade. Though their relationship was short-lived, Jillian conceived David’s child and became the talk of the town. 

Early Background 

Jillian Grace was born on 20th December 1985, in Arkansas. She was born to mother Katherine Walter whereas nothing is known about her father’s identity. Jillian was raised by her mother in Washington Missouri. The details about her academic endeavors are missing from the media scrutiny. 

Apart from these pieces of information, nothing is known about her early lifestyle. However, it is known that her mother Katherine discovered her innate talents at an early age and helped her begin her career as a model. 

Career Breakthrough 

Grace commenced her career as a model in the industry when she was discovered by Howard  Stern. Jillian’s mother Katherine played a great role in her career beginnings. Her journey in the glamour industry all started when she appeared on Howard Stern’s show. But, how did an ordinary girl got the chance? 

It all started when Grace’s mother sent her portfolio photos along with a note to Howard Stern. Fortunately, Howard got impressed and invited her to the show. Occasionally, the senior photo editor of Playboy Kevin Kuster was also on the show. Eventually, she caught the attention of Kevin. After this, she was offered a test shoot which turned out to be in Jillian’s favor. She was chosen to be the Playmate of the “Month in the March” in the 2005 issue of popular men’s magazine. This gave her the biggest breakthrough that led her to the new heights of her modeling career. So, indirectly Howard became instrumental in her career success.  

Likewise, she has also appeared in various Playboy calendars along with other Playmates like Amanda Paige, Courtney Rachel Culkin, and Amber Campisi. Moreover, Grace also appeared in Playboy’s 2006 calendar as Miss January. She has done lucrative jobs with other renowned magazines and brands too. 

Apart from modeling, she has also tried a bit in acting. Jillian appeared on several episodes of the show “The Girls Next Door.” She has also been featured in the 2005 Playboy Documentary named Hef’s Halloween Spooktacular. Her credentials also include movies like Epic Movie, The Comebacks, The House Bunny, and The Agonist. Jillian quit his acting career when she became pregnant with David’s child after they shared a brief romance. 

Besides modeling and acting, Jillian has amazing voice skills. Also, she is a certified personal trainer and is learning yodeling too. 

Short-Lived Romance with David Spade and Parenthood

The model and actress Jillian had a long list of many high profile relationships. Out of them,  her most prominent relationship was with actor David Spade. The details regarding how they first met are quite sketchy but they apparently started dating from October 2007. However, their romance only lived for a short period of time. They dated for about three months before parting their ways. 

Jillian Grace with daughter and David

Meanwhile, Jillian became pregnant with David’s child. As per internet sources, her pregnancy was planned by both of them. The source commented:

‘It was a mutual discussion, he told her that as he was getting older, it was something he was thinking about. And Jillian replied. ‘Are you sure this is something you want? It could happen.”

Jillian gave birth to David’s daughter Harper on August 28, 2008. Upon her arrival, David accepted Harper with wide arms. He told TMZ:

“I had a brief relationship with Jillian Grace. If it is true that I am the father of her child, then I will accept responsibility.”

Though Jillian has never revealed the details of co-parenting Harper together with Spade, they are often seen together. Her ex-partner David often posts pictures and videos of Harper on his Instagram account. He also talks about her while appearing on various talk shows. In 2015, when he appeared in the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show he spoke about navigating the ropes of fatherhood. He said:

“I’m at this- how long until I can school her in tic-tac-toe? Because I am really good at it, but I’m faking it so she can win. But now I’m getting frustrated because she thinks I’m dumb. She laughs so hard when she wins and then I think, Well I could beat you. I want to say that, but I don’t.”

Further, he added: 

“I think when she turns 6, I’m really going to turn it on. I’ll start really winning a lot. I’m going to sweep every category.”

Her Ex-partner David Spade

David Wayne Spade was born in 1964, in Birmingham, Michigan. The youngest among the three brothers were born to Judith J. Meek and Wayne M.Spade. Spade who grew up in Arizona was a natural prankster and his comic sense was popular among his peers. He was encouraged by his friends for stand-up comedy. He began doing shows in nightclubs and colleges all over the country. 

His talent was noticed by a casting agent in Los Angeles. The agent offered him a role in the movie Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol in 1987. After his first screen appearance, he got his biggest break when he joined Saturday Night Live as a cast member and writer. During his tenure at the show, he became known for his razor-sharp sarcasm, and eventually, his characters in a number of sketches turned out to be hit. 

Jillian's ex David Spade

After his successful career as a comedian, he successfully commenced his acting career. His strong portfolio includes movies like Joe Dirt, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, Grown Ups, The Benchwarmers, Warning Shot, Father of the Year, and many more on the list. 

Aside from these, his notable work also includes hosting the comedy central TV show “The Showbiz Show with David Spade”. The show ran for three seasons from September 2005 to October 2007. He has also lent his voice in the video game The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning. 

Where is She Now? 

After splitting from David, Jillian has not been active on the screen. She is a notoriously private person and lives a low profile life. The former Playboy Playmate is probably single at the moment. She hasn’t been romantically linked to anyone after David. Perhaps she is enjoying her motherhood and is busy raising her daughter Harper.

Before she dated David, she was in a relationship with celebrities like Pauly Shore and  David Gallagher.