Erika Koike: Detailed Insight on the Fourth Wife of Nicolas Cage

Erika Koike

Some love stories can take an ugly turn out of nowhere beyond your imagination. For a relationship to be successful, you ought, to be honest, and committed. Otherwise, you will only witness failure in relationships. The story is the same for Erika Koike, the unlucky bride of four days. Erika Koike was in a relationship with Nicolas Cage for a year before they got hitched. Unfortunately, the actor filed for an annulment just four days after getting married. What was the reason behind Cage’s decision? Apart from that, who actually is Erika Koike? 

Early Background 

Erika Koike Cage

Erika Koike was born on June 1, 1987, in Henderson, Nevada. She belonged to a middle-class family who owned a restaurant ‘Jasmine Thai Cuisine’ in Southern California. However, the identity of her parents and other family members isn’t known.  A lot of information regarding her personal life is under the dark including her educational and childhood background as well. 

Professional Life Breakthrough 

Before entering into the glitz and glamour industry, Erika served as a waitress in the restaurant owned by her parents. Though many details aren’t known about how she commenced her career in the industry, she, later on, shifted her attention towards becoming a professional makeup artist.  According to her IMDB profile, she is a professional makeup artist credited for the 2012 short movie Hankikanto. Other than this, her other works aren’t known. 

However, it wasn’t her career that led her path towards the stardom. The relationship with Hollywood star Nicolas Cage was the one that made her witness massive attention in the media. 

Relationship with Nicolas Cage

Erika Koike and Nicolas cage

The estranged couple Cage and Koike have mostly kept their relationship private. The duo was first spotted together attending one of Carrot Top’s Shows in 2016. Nicolas, at that time, had just parted his ways from his third wife Alice Kim. 

But, they were first linked together when they were photographed vacationing together in San Juana, Puerto Rico in 2018. Cage was shooting for his movie Primal during that course. They were once again spotted having a romantic dinner in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. 

After dating for a while, Erika and Nicolas got married on March 23, 2019, in Clark Country Court. However, their marriage wasn’t a planned one and both of them weren’t in their senses when they got hitched. Nevertheless, their whirlwind wedding ended in a sad note just after four days of getting hitched. In fact, they filed for an annulment the same day they received their marriage certificate. 

Marriage Annulment and Divorce 

Erika Koike got the opportunity to call herself Mrs.Cage for days less than a week. Her happiness didn’t last long as Nicolas filed an annulment to end their marriage of four days. As per Nicolas, he was too intoxicated when he agreed to marry Erika. He further claimed that there are grounds for annulment as she didn’t disclose about her relationships with other men. On top of that, he further claimed that he wasn’t aware of her criminal history.  In response to the allegations made by Cage, Erika commented: 

“Nic did what he did. We are not going to reconcile or get back together. Nic could have come to me and talked to me, not publicly humiliate me. I’m hurt and mistreated, it’s unfair, but the case is sealed, and my lawyer won’t let me speak until we are all done.” 

Despite all the allegations, he didn’t get the annulment. He then plea for a divorce in the court in Los Angeles. As reported by TMZ, NV judge granted them divorce on May 31, 2019, three months after they filed for divorce in the court. Even though Erika remained as the wife of Nicolas only for four days, she wanted spousal support. She claimed that she lost career opportunities during her relationship with Cage and her reputation has been hindered. Therefore she wanted money as compensation. It’s unclear whether she managed to get the amount she was seeking. Perhaps she was left with empty hands and only got disappointed. 

Erika’s Criminal History 

The ex-wife of Cage had been dealing with some sort of legal charges for a long period of time. As per some online sources, she was arrested in 2008 in Los Angeles for DUI charges. For this, she was sentenced to probation, AA meetings, and community service. Further, she was sentenced to 5 days in jail for a second DUI in 2011. Moreover, she was ordered to attend alcohol program classes and an interlock device was also installed on her crime.  

Also, in 2015, her neighbor filed a case against her stating that Erika attacked her when she was returning home. She revealed Erika punched her right in the face before trying to choke her out. Though the neighbor had filed a case against her, it’s not clear whether she had been arrested or not. 

Furthermore, Erika was again arrested for DUI in 2018 in Las Vegas. She had to appear in the court from time to time to prove her not guilty.