Story of Christina Evangeline: Everything You Need To About Kenan Thompson’s Spouse

Christina Evangeline and Kenan Thompson joining a ceremony

Almost everyone who has a TV or access to the internet has at least heard about Saturday Night Live. In its almost 45 years of runtime, SNL has given a platform to many up and coming comedians; many of them have found success in different movies and stand up comedians. One such cast member is Kenan Thompson who is now the longest-tenured cast member on SNL. Kenan Thompson is known to make a sketch funny and much better, simply by putting him in it.

The guy is full of joy and laughter, but little do we know about his personal life. Kenan Thompson is married to Christina Evangeline. The mother of two, Evangeline keeps it relatively low key when it comes to the personal life. But we have dig deeper to find out everything there is to know about the comedian’s wife.

FAQ on Christina Evangeline

  1. How many kids does Christina have?

    Two daughters. Georgia Marie (5), Gianna (1).

  2. How old is Christina Evangeline?


  3. What does Christina do for a living?

    In a Wendy Williams show, Kenan revealed that Christina is an interior designer. Previously, she has worked as a model working for many fashion companies. She also has acted in a short movie “Mini Supreme.”

  4. How did Kenan and Christina meet?

    While there isn't an official news about there first date, it's said that the couple met through talent manager Danny Estrada.

Christina’s Early Life and Career 

Christina Evangeline

Christina Evangeline was born on March 24, 1989, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Little is known about her early life in Canada or anything related to her parents. Likewise, there is not any official information regarding her educational background as well. 

Christina Evangeline started her career as a model. As a model, she walked different fashion shows and was even featured in some magazine editorials. Apparently, she did find some success in modeling. Christina has also appeared in one short comedy movie ‘Mini Supreme’ (2015).

The movie is about a guy named Jeremie who in desperate attempts to make a living after getting fired from his job, enters a children’s beauty pageant as a 7-year-old kid with a growth disorder. Christina plays the parent of one of the pageant contestant’s mothers. These days Christina is busy designing beautiful houses for her clients.

In an interview with Wendy Williams, when asked about what his wife does, he said,”She is an interior designer. My house looks dope. She does that thing KnickKnacks go a long way.”

Relationship with Kenan Thompson

Kenan and Christina wedding in atlanta

After dating for a while, Christina Evangeline married comedian/actor Kenan Thompson in 2011. The wedding ceremony was held at the Georgia aquarium in the Artic room and was entirely hosted by his celebrity friend Nick Cannon.

Christina looked gorgeous wearing a chic silky white gown with a long trail. She then changed into a strapless white dress for the festivities after the ceremony. Talking about the wedding, a close friend of the couple said,

“They are very happy. They’ve lived together as a couple and were excited to share the moments with close friends.” 

Christina also took into twitter to share this joyous moment,”He is my best Friend. I could only be so lucky,” she tweeted.

The couple were first introduced by Danny Estrada who is the founder of Estrada Entertainment Group.

Even though the couple has an age difference of 11 years, they were able to find a perfect companion with each other. 

Mother of Two: Georgia & Gianna

The couple welcomed their first daughter, Georgia Marie Thompson on June 20, 2014. The couple was blessed with another adorable baby girl, Gianna Michelle on August 2, 2018.

Nobody knew she was even pregnant until just 5 days before her delivery she posted a boomerang video of her baby bump with the caption “I’m usually private when it comes to these personal things, but we have less than 5 days until this little girl is due and I am just TEW excited” on her Instagram account. Talk about being private.

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In 2016 at Today’s show hosted by Kathie Lee and Hoda, Kenan revealed how her little girl, Georgia dances to any “Ghetto Hip-hop” song.

Talking about parenthood, Kenan told that it’s like witnessing miracle. They are just the representation of joy, happiness, and innocence. He absolutes adores his two kids!

In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, he also shared his experience growing with his first daughter

“I remember my buddy sent her a bicycle, and I thought it was way too early,” he recalled. “Now she’s just whipping around on that bike like it’s nothing and I’m like, ‘I remember when you didn’t understand what pedaling was.’”

The couple seems to be enjoying their blissful and happy married life with two beautiful kids. The couple is notoriously private but we can still get glimpses of their sweet family moments on their social media accounts.

Apart from this, the couple love being parents and gush about how their children make their homelife hilarious with just a few words. Looks like the kids are learning from their father on that matter.

Evangeline’s Social Works: Giving Back To The Community

Christina is known for her generous heart and efforts to give back to the community. She has contributed to numerous charities and non-profit organizations. With the help of her therapist friends Michele and Jack, Christina founded ‘Evermore’.

Evermore is a non-profit organization that is known to be working with anyone who is trying to cope and move on from the loss of someone they loved. The people involved with the organization emphasis how the people who are going through almost the same feelings of loss in their lives come together to help each other and it is certainly not out of pity. 

crf LOGO

Christina has also been involved with the ‘The Christian Rivera Foundation’. The non-profit organization was named after a young 6-year-old boy, Christian River who died from a brain tumor called Pontine Glioma. The organization and everyone associated with it are known to work tirelessly for finding a cure for this extremely aggressive and hard-to-treat brain tumor.

Christina is also working alongside ‘Save The Children Federation’ that works for the benefit of children’s health and happiness. Apart from this, she has also been a part of the ‘My Stuff Bags Foundation’ whose work revolves around abused children and the ‘American Refugee Committee’ that for the past 40 years has been providing humanitarian assistance and training to the refugees. Even though she has her hands full of mommy duty, she still tries her best to do perform well with all the charities that she is involved with.

Her Personal Life and Net worth

Christina Evangeline has always tried to stay away from the spotlight. But sometimes she accompanies her husband to different award shows and red carpet events. She is also known to be an avid photographer. She often travels to different countries like Italy and Canada with her family in order to spend some quality time with them.

Christina is very much active on her social media accounts. She regularly posts photos and videos of her family on her Instagram account where she has about 14.4k followers. She is very invested as a mother of two and always tries her best to provide better support for them. The couple even took their daughters to Disneyland in July 2017 to celebrate the third birthday of their elder daughter Georgia. 

Christina’s official net worth hasn’t been made public but her husband Kenan Thompson has a staggering net worth of 9 million dollars. The couple currently lives back in forth in Tampa, Florida and NYC. Evangeline has updated her residence as New York in her Instagram so we will assume she is here in NYC.

A little about Christina’s husband Kenan Thompson

kenan Thompson

Kenan Thompson is an American actor and comedian born on May 10, 1978, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Thompson started his acting career in the early 1990s after he was cast in the Nickelodeon original sketch comedy series ‘All That’.

After gaining success from All That, he starred alongside his All That co-star Kel Mitchell on his own sitcom Kenan & Kel. He is also known for his roles in The Mighty Duck franchise, Good Burger and Fat Albert. Kenan’s big break came when he was cast as a member of the NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live in 2003.

As of 2019, Kenan has become SNL’s longest-tenured cast member. In SNL, he is known for holding the record for most celebrity impressions that equal to 138. Kenan is widely appraised by his co-workers, critics and fans alike.

They believe that Kenan can make any sketch funny just by being in it. In 2014, head writer for SNL, Brian H. Tucker said that simply adding ‘KENAN REACTS’ can get the scripts more laugh. For Kenan, SNL holds a special place in his heart and sees it as ‘Forever Plan’. For his work in SNL, he has been nominated for an Emmy too.