The Story of Anna Romano: Wife of Actor and Comedian Ray Romano 

Anna Romano

Anna Romano and Ray Romano have been together for more than three decades. Their love story resembles a fairytale in a challenging Hollywood world. As Raymond is a household name in the entertainment industry he is no stranger to the fame game. But, what about Anna who isn’t actively involved in the limelight? 

Anna Romano is still a mystery for many. There’s more to her story apart from just being the wife of Ray. So, here we have collected every possible detail on Anna Romano

Anna Romano Behind the Curtains 

Anna Romano was born as Anna M. Scarpulla on February 4, 1963, in New York, USA.  Upon completion of her education, she worked as a teller at the Williamsburg Saving Bank in Brooklyn. Later on, she switched to the showbiz industry after getting married to Ray Romano. 

Apart from this, nothing is known about her early background that includes details of her parents, siblings, childhood, just to list a few. 

Beginning of Love Story with Ray Romano

Anna Romano with Ray Romano

Anna Romano met her future husband Ray when both of them were working at Williamsburg Saving Bank as a teller in 1983. At that time, Ray was still living with his parents and was not sure whether Anna would accept his proposal. He even had plans to leave his job if Anna would reject him. Luckily, Anna took a chance on Ray and subsequently they began dating. 

Anna wasn’t the first girl Ray had asked for a date. Prior to Anna, he had tried his luck on two girls but they rejected him. It was Anna who only accepted his proposal. After dating for five years, Anna and Ray got married on October 11, 1987. 

Anna’s Children

Anna and the comedian Ray Ramano had been married for more than three decades now. From their happy marriage, they are blessed with three kids. The couple gave birth to their first child together in 1990. They named her Alexandra Romano. After three years, they again gave birth to twin sons Matt and Gregory. 

At the time of the second pregnancy, Roy desperately wanted the unborn to be a son. So, when Anna broke the news they were having twin girls after getting a sonogram, Roy was disappointed. He tried to hide his sadness but he failed miserably. In 1996, he recalled the moment with an interview with People and told: 

“I tried to sound happy, going, ‘Oh Good. Good.’ Finally, she told me, ‘They are boys, you jerk.” That’s when I knew I loved her.”

The couple again welcomed their third child Joesph Raymond Romano on February 16, 1998. All of them have grown up and are interested in the showbiz business. Their firstborn daughter Alexandra and son Gregory have shared the screen with their dad on the show “Everybody Loves Raymond.” 

Anna Romano with kids and husband

Likewise, the twins have worked as a voice actor in the movie “Ice Age: The Meltdown” in 2006. Further, Alexandra had also lent her voice in the movie ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ in 2012. The Romano Kids are all grown up and heading towards their respective career path. 

Secrets to Their Long-Lasting Wedding 

Anna Romano and Ray are one of the idle couples in Hollywood who had stood among the odds. Their courtship has already witnessed thirty-two years of togetherness and everyone wants to know the reason behind their happy marriage. As per the Ice Age star, it’s because Anna is least interested in fame and it makes a balance in their life. In 2013, her husband Ray told Ellen:

‘I think it works because if you are someone with fame, it’s good to be married to someone who is not impressed with that all.’

He further revealed in another interview:

So, the reason this works is that she is a person who doesn’t need attention and can understand how I feel about her, even though it’s hard for me to outwardly express that. She’s the hero here.

The family of six is often captured together attending different events together. They are living happily in their life away from the rumors and controversies. But, that doesn’t mean the couple never have arguments and small fights like every other couple. On the show “Ellen DeGeneres” Ray revealed how Anna gets irritated about his loud sneezes and how he barely gets “bless you” if he starts sneezing before Anna sends him to another room. Despite all those little small arguments, the love between two has never disappeared. Anna stands as rock bottom for her husband and it same goes for Ray. 

Moreover, their rapport has helped them to form a background for Ray’s hit sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond” aired on CBS from 1996 to 2005. 

Career Breakthrough 

Anna after getting married to Ray has dived into the showbiz industry from a banking career. She is now an actress and a cinematographer who has supported her husband in his acting projects. Anna has made a short appearance in the hit television show “Everybody Loves Raymond.” She appeared as one of the mothers in the background in a single episode of the show.

Further, she has also acted in the short movie ‘Quad s’approfondit l’hiver’ released in 2010. The movie was directed and written by Adelie Champailler and other cast members were Sophie Clementine-Dubois, Simon Korn, and Ouassim Ouelade. 

Apart from that, she is a cinematographer known for the movie ‘Because She’s Worth It (2012)’ and television series ‘Class (2015)’.

Battle With Cancer

Things haven’t always been breezy for Anna and Ray. The couple had to pass through the toughest situation when Anna at age 48 was diagnosed with breast cancer in the first stage. In October 2009, during her routine checkup, the doctor noticed irregularity on her right breast. After undergoing a mammogram and biopsy test, it was revealed that she was suffering from invasive breast cancer.  In an interview with People, when asked about her first thoughts when she found out about the disease, she replied:

“I must’ve cried. All I was thinking  was, Oh my God, who’s going to take care of my kids?’ Your head goes everywhere. I’m a clean freak, so I’m like, ‘My house is going to be a mess!’ Then I’m like, ‘I’ll have to make a list of who Ray can and can’t date. You can’t help but ho to those places.”

On the other hand, Ray got emotional and broke down. The duo didn’t reveal to their children about cancer until the prognosis was good. She went through surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Luckily, her cancer got cured within a couple of years.

Anna with husband Raymond

Her husband and four kids stood like a pillar in her toughest time. They together came out from their biggest nightmare. After defeating cancer, she shared her story to the public with an intention to inspire other women battling cancer. Anna and Ray have since then taken part in philanthropic activities related to cancer patients and survivors.

Anna along with her husband Ray is associated with organizations like Saban free Clinic in California and American-Italian Cancer Foundation in New York which works for cancer patients. These charitable organizations provide aid for those women who can’t bear the medical expense of the cancer treatment. 

Who is Ray Romano?

Raymond Albert Romano is a stand-up comedian, screenwriter, and actor. He grew up in Forest Hills, Queens. He started his comedy career when he competed in the Johnie Walker Comedy Search in 1989. Ray then performed in the NYC comedy club circuit before appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman. After the show, he got his biggest breakthrough on the show “Everybody Loves Raymond.” His work on the sitcom earned him six Emmy nominations, five Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, and two Golden Globe Awards. 

Besides being a comedian, he is known as a voice actor for the Ice Age Series Movies. Further, he has a lead role in the comedy series Get Shorty. Likewise, Ray has starred in the Netflix movie Paddleton in 2019. He has also featured in The Irishman portraying the role of mob lawyer Bill Bufalino.