Aaron Kendrick De Niro: Know all about the Hollywood Legend Robert De Niro’s Twin son

Aaron Kendrick De Niro

Having children, for many couples, is an important part of moving forward in their relationship. But not everyone is able to become parents through conventional ways. For a long time, finding different alternatives for reproduction had an obsession with medical science. As of now, there are around 18 different ways of bearing a child and it is all thanks to the massive advancement of research and use of technology. While in the earlier years, these methods were looked down upon by many, as time passed by, they have been gradually accepted in society. One of the reasons why these concepts have become more familiar is because more and more celebrities are seeking out these unconventional methods of pregnancy. Celebrities have a much bigger platform to voice out their experience regarding such procedures. One such celebrity who had opted for these unconventional methods of having children is Hollywood actor Robert De Niro who had twin sons through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). The twins have grown up now. Let us know a little about one of the twins, Aaron Kendrick De Niro.

How did Aaron’s parents meet?

Hollywood actor Robert De Niro met model turned actress Toukie Smith in 1988. The same year, De Niro had finalized his divorce with his first wife, actress Diahnne Abbott. Aaron’s father Robert De Niro, was already a huge star garnering both critical and commercial success in the industry with movies like ‘Raging Bull’, ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘The Godfather Part II’ and many more. His mother Toukie Smith was also getting many modeling jobs with Chanel, Versace, Geoffrey Beene, Issey Miyake, Norma Kamali, Thierry Mugler, and Patrick Kelly. She also had small acting jobs in TV series like Miami Vice when she met Robert De Niro.

Aaron De Niro's parents

There are no specific details regarding how the couple got together but since both of them worked in the same industry, they could have met through mutual friends or in a work setting. The couple was mostly very private about their lives but would occasionally be photographed attending different parties and events together.

In 1995, reports came out that the couple had welcomed twin sons to their family through IVF and surrogacy. After a year of the birth of their children, the couple that seemed happy, separated. They stayed together for almost 8 years before separating in 1996. After this, Robert De Niro went on to have even more successful careers and other relationships. Aaron’s mother Toukie, who craved a more private life, gradually faded away from the public scrutiny.

Aaron’s Early Beginnings

Like we previously mentioned, Aarons’ parents, Toukie and Robert were very private about their eight-year-long romantic relationship. There is hardly any information regarding why the couple opted for IVF to have children.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro was born on October 20, 1995, in the USA. He was born as a twin and has a brother, Julian De Niro. The twins were conceived through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and delivered by a surrogate mother. There is no information regarding who the surrogate was and how much she received for carrying the baby.

Whilst the news of their birth was broadcasted all over the country through different media, the twins were very much kept out of the public eye. After the separation of Toukie Smith with De Niro, there was even more restriction regarding how much the brothers would appear in the media.

Aaron with twin brother Julian

Even though the twins lived separately from their father, the bond never severed. Robert De Niro was a very present father and tried his best to provide for his children as much as he could. Even now, the sons are still a very big part of Robert’s life and vice versa.

His Siblings

Aaron is a part of a big family consisting of altogether 6 children. 

Raphael is the oldest brother out of the siblings. He was Robert De Niro’s first child with his first wife Diahnne Abbott. Raphael tried to follow his parents’ footsteps into the acting field but later on, switched to real estate where he found major success. He has three children of his own.

Robert De Niroo, Aaron’s father, also adopted his first wife’s daughter, Drena who was the product of her previous marriage. She has sought out opportunities in different fields like acting, modeling, and fashion consultant. She also has one child of her own.

As mentioned before, Aaron has a twin brother Julian who very much like him is a mystery to all of us. 

Aaron also has a younger half brother and sister. His younger half-brother Elliot was born in 1998 and half-sister, Helen was born in 2011. Like Aaron and Julian, Helen too was conceived through IVF.

Career Breakthrough

As of now, Aaron does not seem to have a definite career path. In April 2017, he was featured as one of the models for the “Diesel x Naomi Campbell ‘Child At Heart’” collection. Fashion brand Diesel collaborated with supermodel, icon, and activist Naomi Campbell to support her Fashion for Relief Initiative. The campaign included models like Barbara Palvin, Matt McMahon, Vito Basso, Riley Mon-tana, Molly Blair and Wang Chen Ming, Neels Visser, Kenya Kinski-Jones, daughter of Quincy Jones and Aaron De Niro. Apparently, none of the models involved in the campaign asked for a paycheck and were simply driven by their passion to work for an important cause. 

Aaron kendrick model

Personal Life

Even though Aaron had famous parents and his birth alone was the talk of the town, his later life was relatively peaceful. He hardly tries to grab media attention and likes to be left alone. The only time the twins would be seen was in their father’s movie events or parties.

As far as we know, he does not seem to have a public social media presence. He along with his brother was captured in a photo celebrating their mother, Toukie’s birthday.

Aaron at mother's birthday party

Since he has not started his career yet, it is hard to estimate his net worth. His father, Robert De Niro, on the other hand, is a Hollywood legend and due to his long-spanning  successful career has an estimated net worth of 550 million US dollars as of 2020.