About All That Jazz

What started as a one stop solution of jazz art has now transformed for better goods! ATJA is now a premiere hub of your daily entertainment digest.

In 2013, this was started as the symbol of Jazz music perseverance through the beauty of art. However, as time progressed we realized that it couldn’t be constrained into just Jazz.

As we dived into the entertainment sphere, we had more options to explore and more knowledge to offer to our audience. Like you guys we personally are big fan of Jazz and we were quite reluctant to drop this domain is quite close to our heart.

Instead, we decided to create something brute and fresh with this site creating a wholesale of new entertaining experience.

Here, we will cover our basics like Jazz as well as Biographies, and daily doze of celebs gossip news. In the future, we are also planning to host videos regarding movie reviews. We certainly aren’t the next E online but we are striving to a path of your entertainment!

If you If you have any problems or questions regarding us, contact us here.